Art workshops
Art workshops

Art workshops

My project attracts people of all age groups, with a special focus on supporting retirees and anyone interested in exploring the world of fine arts. Generations of young creatives have emerged from our ranks, taking their first steps in art right here, and then continuing their education at art academies around the world.

I am proud of the diversity and inclusiveness of our program, which offers opportunities for learning and development regardless of age or previous experience. My goal is to create an inspiring and supportive environment where each individual can explore their artistic potential and express their creativity. Thanks to this, my project not only enriches the cultural community but also contributes to the personal development and quality of life of all participants.

Host – Eugen Varzić

Art workshop

Pionirska 1, Poreč

The duration of the art workshops – the whole year.

Work in the atelier

Hobby group

Discover the Joy of Artistic Expression at our Relaxed Painting Workshop!

Looking for a unique and enjoyable way to socialize? Want to explore your creative side while connecting with others? Join us for our Art Painting Workshop, where you can experience the perfect blend of relaxation, socializing, and artistic exploration.

Painting group

Elevate Your Artistic Skills at our Studio Painting Workshop!

Are you an aspiring artist with prior experience in drawing and painting? Are you looking to take your skills to the next level? Join us for our exclusive Studio Painting Workshop designed specifically for participants with prior knowledge in drawing and painting.

Beginner group

Embark on a Creative Journey at Our Art Painting Workshop!

In the 2024/2025 season, we are thrilled to launch our inaugural program! Join us for an enriching art workshop that focuses on drawing as the foundation of artistic expression and explores various drawing techniques, including pencil, charcoal, ink, and more.

Individual classes

Unlock Your Artistic Potential with Individualized Art Instruction!

Are you looking for personalized instruction in drawing, painting, graphic design, or sculpture techniques? Do you aspire to enroll in secondary art schools or prestigious academies? Look no further! Our Art Painting Workshop offers individualized instruction tailored to your unique artistic goals.

ARTeam building

Foster Creativity and Team Bonding with our Art Painting Workshop!

Looking for a unique and engaging team building activity that goes beyond the ordinary? Our team building art painting workshop is the perfect solution! Our project aims to connect and build stronger relationships among team members through the power of artistic expression.

Oil painting workshop – small group

Unleash Your Artistic Talent at Our Oil Painting Workshop!

Join us for an immersive art painting workshop where you will learn the techniques of oil painting on canvas, paper, and wood. Our focus is on portrait and landscape painting, embracing the spirit of realism and hyperrealism. Get ready to bring your artistic vision to life with expert guidance and professional painting equipment provided in our atelier.

Art workshop – BYOB

Looking for a different night out?

Want to experience something truly unique and exciting? Look no further!

Our Art Painting Workshop is the perfect blend of creativity, socializing, and self-expression.

And the best part? You can bring your own wine or favorite drink to enhance the artistic ambiance!

Summer Art workshops – TEEN

Unlock Your Teenager’s Artistic Potential at Our Summer Art Workshop!

During the months of July and August, from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., we invite your teenager to join our exciting art painting workshop. If they are looking to learn something new and different or want to express themselves artistically, this is the perfect opportunity!

Online Art Workshop

Introducing our innovative and flexible approach to art education! In this unique workshop, we bring the art studio experience directly to you, wherever you are. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and hello to personalized learning at your own pace.

In the studio, 90% of the materials for painting exercises are provided.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you!

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